How our rigs are setup

Our rigs are setup with 300 amp Miller Trailblazer welders with stick, tig, and mig welding capabilities. We also have a portable 200 amp Miller that can plug into 110, 220 or three phase power source with stick and tig capabilities.

For cutting we use a Thermal Dynamics 100 XL Plasma Cutter or Setaline Torches. Last but not least the rigs are setup with an air compressor and miscellaneous power tools.

No place we can't go on land for now!

1. Plasma Cutter 2. Air Compressor 3. Miller 300 amp gas driven welder
4. Cutting & brazing torches
5. Miller portable 200 amp 110/220/3 phase power source welder

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Welding rig with equipment
Equipment in rig
Welding rig side view
Welding rig front view
Welding rig front 2